Noblesville, IN – Antoine Taylor

QB Top Performers from IN Showcase – January 16, 2022

88 – Tegan Irk – 2023 Alpha Dog. Clean release with a crisp pace on the ball and displayed perfect timing on throws with WR’s. Threw the ball on time with confidence and necessary anticipation. Has lots of tool in his toolbox and can make every throw.

99 -Daniel Tippit IV – 2023 Smooth footwork, quick release and accurate ball placement was noticeable throughout the entire day. He proved that his intangibles as  QB, will not go unnoticed. He had a very dominant day. 

30 – Noah Ehrlich – 2025 – Very live arm. His assertive presence commanded your attention every rep, and he exercised great judgment of trajectory. He displayed the moxie of a champion. Mamba Mentality. 

218 – Eli Mattox – 2023 – Smooth like water. Balanced base and foundation lead to pinpoint accuracy. His ability to consistently place the ball in the strike point was impressive.

237 – Drew Vanvleet – 2023 – Very exact on underneath and downfield throws. Showed a knack for getting the ball out quick. He was on point like an arrow. 

143 – Jace Stuckey – 2024 – Quick Footwork, and displayed the accuracy of a marksmen. Very athletic, with swagger and poise. He moved outside the pocket well and threw the ball accurately on the run. 

120 – Sebastian Boswell – 2024 Big Arm that was on target all day. He displayed an intense focus and attention to detail throughout camp. 

388 – Bohde Dickerson – 2023 Athletic footwork with a great 6’4” frame. He was uncanny in his ability to fit the ball in tight windows and away from the defense. His on and off platform throws were placed where only the WR could get them. 

Terry Walker – the young 2026 QB stood out amongst the line-up of QB’s with a 6’2” frame it was hard to remember his youth. He threw the ball with impeccable timing and pace. To add to his size, he read the defense like a veteran during half skelly. Anticipate early offers for the young gun.

Connor Cruz – 2026 – His throwing motion was very crisp and he manipulated the defense with his anticipation and ball placement. Extremely competitive, yet error-free.