Columbus North 2017 running back Mitchell Burton is starting to get the hang of this whole running the ball thing. Since taking over the tailback position week 9 last year, Burton has accumulated 756 yards, 11 touchdowns in his last four (Southport, Jeffersonville, Center Grove, Franklin) games. That’s an impressive start for anyone making the the transition to running back, especially playing in the state’s highest class of football in 6A. In the week one opener at Franklin, Burton tallied 219 yards on 11 carries and 4 touchdowns all in the first half. His night was done late in the second quarter.

Burton possesses legitimate track speed, being clocked in the 10.8 range in the 100 meter dash several times this past spring. All while qualifying for the state track meet in long jump as a sophomore. The emerging prospect can go the distance from anywhere on the field. He has big play potential, with many of the 11 touchdowns going for more than 40 yards, with 91 yards being his longest to date. At 6’2 185 with legit track speed as a junior, one can only imagine what a college program can do with his athleticism.