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OG Titus Martin (77) – 2016 – 6’3” 270 – Grade: 1

Exposures: Game vs. HSE

Played an outstanding game from start-to-finish; a big-time player for the Tigers. Moves well – is quick to open-pull and release to the flat on screens. Can slide laterally across the LOS and knock defenders off track with a good first punch. Exhibits great hand use – consistently gets inside placement and exhibits good strike timing. Excels as a run blocker, where he can snap out of his stance and pull. Climbs to the second level and strikes moving targets in space with ease. Exhibits great instincts. Can encircle defenders at the corner. Plays with a wide base and good posture; sits on a stool and keeps his hands high and tight. Great size and strength – has thick legs and a bulky chest.

Weaknesses: Must consistently stay square and grounded in pass pro; got picked up and was on his toes on film at times. Lets defenders cross his face inside; needs to stay square and continue to play long like he does as a run blocker.

Summary: Martin is an impact player on the Tigers’ offense. I believe he can play at the Division I level. His size, run blocking, and movement skills will serve him well in the future.


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