When we release our initial Offensive Rankings list, the top end for the class of 2016 at the tight end position is very talented. College coaches should be taking a serious look at the five prospects mentioned in this position breakdown.

[Matt Moore/Avon]

Best Hands
Grant Dempster/McCutcheon
6’4 230
Grant can make the tough catch in a congested space and with defenders draped all over him. He’s a natural pass catcher, and will track the football in the air. HUDL

Best Route Runner
Evan Higgs/Southport
6’4 220
Evan runs routes very well, with good speed and on film often outruns defenders. In Southport’s offense, Evan is an in-line tight end and splits out wide, creating match-up problems for linebackers and safeties. HUDL

Best Blocker
Drew Schoeberl/Columbus North
6’6 245
Drew is a physical big bodied athlete, who is very good at driving defenders off the ball. He plays in a run heavy offense but has showcased pass catching ability and effective route running on film. Schoeberl is arguably the most recruited prospect out of the group. HUDL

Total Package
Matt Moore/Avon
6’3 220
Matt is a very effective run blocker and showcases his receiving skills in the Orioles’ offense. He benefits the most by being on the receiving end of passes thrown by the INPrep50 number one ranked Quarterback in Brandon Peters. Like Higgs, he will often split out and create match-up opportunities for the Orioles. HUDL

Rhett Myers/Columbus East
6’3 230
Rhett led his team’s offense in receiving yards and catches in 2014. All while playing in an offense that starred Mr. Indiana in running back Markell Jones. Rhett has good strength and is able to break tackles when he has the football. HUDL


Auston Robertson/Wayne
Robertson is the number one ranked in prospect in the 2016 class but it’s at the defensive end position. He’s still very capable of being a division one tight end at 6’5 240 with great quickness, strength and athleticism. For the sake of the article he will not receive a ranking at the tight end position.

[Drew Schoeberl on Louisville visit]