This week is the regular season finale for the 2020 season in one of the craziest and most bizarre years we will probably ever experience in our lifetimes (we can only hope).

This Friday, the Eastside Blazers (7-1) are scheduled to travel to Angola to face the Hornets (5-1). Coming into this week, these two teams are ranked as 2 of the top offenses (42.3 per game for Angola and 37.8 per game for Eastside) and defenses (13.5 per game for Angola and 6.1 per game for Eastside) in the area.

The Hornets are a team that has dominated the running game led by Tucker and Finley Hasselman, and they have a really good pass coverage led by Jake Land, Jack Archbold and Kyle Brandt that makes the Hornets a tough team to face. The Blazers are led by the dynamic QB Laban Davis and his 1,100+ passing yards and a strong interior defense. The Blazers has allowed 100 or more yards rushing once this season, which came in Week 1, and they’re coming off a game where they held Central Noble to just 56 yards rushing.

In the all-time series, Angola holds a 27-15 lead against the Eastside Blazers. Angola is 16-5 all-time at home against Eastside compare to their 11-10 record @ Eastside. The Blazers haven’t won consecutive games against the Hornets since 2003, when they held a 3-game winning streak against them. Their last win @ Angola was Oct. 17, 2014, a 53-7 Blazers’ win.

In their last meeting @ Butler, IN, Eastside scored on a late TD catch by Wade Miller in the 4th quarter to beat Angola in their 2019 game 14-13.