Athletic recruiting is based on building relationships with schools and coaches. As an athlete, you will need to stand out from the crowd. You will want to leave a strong, positive impression on everyone you meet. With a few simple steps, your name will be hard to forget.
1. PERSONALIZE YOUR INTERACTIONS – With personalization, you can set your self apart from the crowd. Personalize an introduction email to the coaches of the schools you are interested in attending. Verify that you are spelling the school and coach names correctly. And please get someone to proofread your letter.
2. STAY IN TOUCH – It’s important to stay in touch with coaches at schools you are interested in attending. It’s even more important to not harass the coaches. A rule of thumb is to contact coaches about every two weeks by email. Don’t be a stalker.
3. CONNECT BEFORE A VISIT – When on an unofficial visit, you will want to visit the athletic department of a school. Everyone is busy and just as you scheduled a visit, you should schedule time with the coaching staff. Do not walk on campus and expect the coaching staff to be available because they are most likely busy with team preparations. It is best to correspond with a coach a few times before a campus visit.
4. SHOW INTEREST – If a college or coach shows genuine interest in you and your abilities, it is in good practice to show some interest in return. You never want to give a coach or school the cold shoulder because the outcome of your college career is yet to be determined.