Not necessarily, since it’s this late in the game you’ll likely have to do a lot of the footwork on your own! Yes, coaching staffs are offering students earlier and earlier, but signing classes aren’t always finalized until Signing Day, or even later. Coaches may have solid commitments from enough players at your position, so it’s best to focus your attention on schools that are still in need of your position. Pay attention to schools that are graduating several players at your position! Rosters are fluid, especially leading up to the start of pre-season practice, so work to find that ONE coaching staff who is looking for a player like you!

#1-  The #1 rule to recruiting is that for a coach to be interested in offering you a scholarship, they must see you play in person first, either in-person or on film. Once you have a few good games under your belt (with good film to back it up), send it to coaches at schools that you may be a fit for, along with your Student-Athlete Resume.

#2- NAIA also offers athletic scholarships, similar to the NCAA. Check out for a list of member schools, eligibility information and recruiting direction.

#3- Lastly, consider going to Junior College for a season or two. Many players choose the JuCo route and transfer as a sophomore or junior to a four-year institution. By going to Junior College, you have the opportunity to earn athletic scholarships (including full rides) and some time to basically re-do the recruiting process.

Take it easy…….. Chris Norris

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