Evansville Harrison football team is off to a fast 4-0 start thanks in part to three seniors in quarterback David Felton, wide receiver Noah McBride and running back Elizjah Harvey. The trio leads an offense that is averaging over 500 yards per game and have scored 21 touchdowns in four games. Not surprising, that these guys are putting up big numbers  fast considering the speed they bring to the table. Each of them are state qualifying track members on a record setting team this past season. Felton and McBride, both qualified for the Junior Olympics.

David Felton, a 6’3 200 pound  converted quarterback, used to haunt defensive backs as a big, physical receiver that could break tackles and go the distance in a flash. With his size, speed and athleticism, his contribution to the Harrison Warriors offense has been tremendous. Felton, a true dual-threat at the position, is just shy of reaching a 1,000 total yards in just four games. All while accounting for 12 total touchdowns, without a single interception.

Noah McBride, a 6’1 170 pound speedster at the wide receiver position is a big play waiting to happen. According to MaxPreps, with just five catches on the year, four of them have ended in the endzone. McBride using his 10.9 100 meter speed on the field, has defenses doing more chasing than tackling. He has touchdown receptions of 74, 82 and 89 yards.

Elizjah Harvey, at 5’7 and 150 pounds, maneuvers his way through defenses by hiding behind his offensive line. By the time defenders see him, he’s already past them. In proving he is tough enough to carry the load at running back, Harvey averages 20 carries a game, with an astounding 7.7 yards a pop. He leads the team in rushing with 510 yards and 9 touchdowns.

It will be interesting to see if any teams can slow Harrison down this season. If not, they could make it to the finish line with an unblemished regular season record.