Josh Barajas US Army All-American

Things are happening fast for standout LB Josh Barajas. The top college football programs in the country are recruiting the junior from Andrean high school. Going from winning a state championship in November to receiving scholarship offers from the likes of Michigan and Notre Dame, Barajas is now on the fast track to being a national top 100 recruit. His momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down as he received an invitation to play in the U.S.Army All-American game, in what he considers to be the greatest honor ever. Barajas quickly accepted the invitation and will become the next linebacker from Indiana to participate in the most recognized high school football all-star game since Tim Kimbrough (Georgia) and Jaylon Smith (Notre Dame).
Barajas reflects on the whirlwind of recruiting and his off-season. “It’s becoming more than I expected. I never thought things would get like this. Although it’s stressful sometimes, I love it!”

All we can say is hold on tight Josh.