Indianapolis Park Tudor Lineman Brandon Tiassum is considered to be one of the top prospects representing the 2015 class. According to 247Sports Composite Rankings, Tiassum is the 10th ranked Offensive Guard in the nation. He is a massive junior-to-be standing 6’5 and weighing 280lbs but also displays good quickness off the ball in his first few plays on his highlight film. Even though he’s a division one prospect at offensive guard, his film shows his versatility as a disruptive defensive lineman causing havoc on his opponents. On defense, Tiassum recorded 55 tackles and 10 sacks on the year to go along with his 20 pancakes on the offensive line. The standout lineman shares with Indiana Preps his summer plans, who’s recruiting him and goals for 2013.

Brandon Tiassum
6’5 280
55 tackles 10 sacks
20 pancakes
Link to Highlight

INPREPS: What type of player are you?
Tiassum: I’m a power player who has the ability to battle in the trenches with the interior linemen but also has the skill and athleticism to get past tackles of the edge

INPREPS: Who does your game mirror (NFL Player)?
Tiassum: I try to mirror my like Ndamukong Suh a strong force who can over power but also beat you with his skill and athleticism.

INPREPS: What are your plans this offseason?
Tiassum: I plan to work hard and improve my game. I’ve also been contacted by Ohio State and Louisville and they both want me to come down there for visits.

INPREPS: What Camps do you plan to attend?
Tiassum: I plan to go to the an IU camp on the 14th and I also plan on attending a MSU camp on the 19-20.

INPREPS: What schools are recruiting you?
Tiassum: Michigan State, Ohio State, UCLA, Indiana, Texas A&M, Louisville and Purdue.

INPREPS: What offers do you have?
Tiassum: I do not have any offers yet but am hoping for some in the near future.

INPREPS: Which program(s) are you leaning toward?
Tiassum: Im not really leaning towards any program in particular right now.

INPREPS: When do you plan to commit to a program?
Tiassum: I plan to commit sometime before my senior year.

INPREPS: Individual & Team Goal for upcoming season?
Tiassum: My goals for this year is to improve my motor and become a more complete player and if I do that the stats will come. My team goal is to make a real push for the state title this year.