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The class of 2014 may boast the deepest class of wide receivers in recent history for Indiana high school football. This class has already seen 7 receivers haul in FBS offers, with as many as 15 potential college players at the position. With this talented class in mind, Indiana Preps decided to rank the top receivers. Over the last few weeks,  we’ve tried to evaluate each player’s hudl film, combine performances and of course college scholarship offers play a small role in our rankings.  We ranked the players based on the position itself. Meaning speed, route running and pass catching ability were major factors in our decision.  Also keep in mind this list includes players who project to play the position in college.

dominque booth 2

Indiana Preps Class of 2014 Top 15 Wide Receivers

1. Dominique Booth (Pike) At 6’1 195, Booth is the total package at WR. He has the size, speed, hands and possesses a physical style of play getting off the LOS. 2. Justin Brent (Speedway) Justin Brent may be the best athlete in the bunch, doubling as a mid-major division 1 basketball recruit. 3. Terry McLaurin (Cathedral) McLauren’s 4.4 speed makes him a big play waiting to happen. Also a threat in the return game and on sweeps as a rusher. (2tds returning & 2 tds rushing) 4. Austin Roberts* (Carmel) Roberts may end up playing TE at the next level with his 6’3 215lb frame and good speed. Carmel’s run first offense hinders his stats for a WR. 5. Kenny Jones (Lawrence Central) Jones is a playmaker. He averaged a touchdown every 4 catches during his 2012 state championship run. 6. JonVea Johnson (Westside) Johnson is probably the best pure wide receiver on the Westside team, despite his teammate Lonnie Johnson grabbing the offers and attention. 7. Lonnie Johnson* (Westside) Johnson is a Big Time prospect, but that is to be believed on the defensive side of the ball. He is still a threat at the wideout position with double-digit touchdowns in 2012. 8. Cameron Polk (Hamilton S.E.) Polk, a former soccer player is an athlete playing the position. He has a high ceiling and could have a huge 2013  season. 9. Devin Reese (Westfield) Reese is the most under the radar player at the wide receiver position in the state. 10. Darian Green* (Lafayette Jefferson) Green will most likely be one of the state’s leading rushers this fall, but his smaller frame, quick feet, speed and good hands have college coaches penciling him in at the slot position. 11.  Dionte Allen* (Jeffersonville) Ok yes, Allen is a Tight End in a FBS Defensive End body(6’4 240). However it’s hard to deny his 10 touchdown catches last season and his athletic ability on the basketball court. 12. J-Shun Harris (Fishers) Harris is a slot receiver best used with bubble screens to get him in open space. He has deep threat capability and is a talented punt returner. 13. Darius Lee (Warren Central) Lee is a playmaker at the slot position and adds another dimension carrying the ball. 14. BEN DAVIS WIDE RECEIVER CORE Ben Davis will be scary good on offense with the trio of Michael Beaty, O’Shea Heard and Montel Swanson. (Swanson is actually c/o 2015) 15.Blake Faus (Elkhart Central) Faus is a fierce competitor and has shown flashes of his skills in combines earlier this year.  A little on the small side, but we expect him to blow up on the 7on7 circuit and earn a shot at playing college football.

* May play different position as a prep or in college

VP Terry McLaurin

SPEED – Terry McLaurin

ROUTE RUNNING – Dominique Booth

BEST HANDS – Kenny Jones

PHYSICAL – Austin Roberts

PLAYMAKER Terry McLaurin