Elijah Daniel

Several Indiana class of 2013 football players have been very busy making or switching commitments as February signing day approaches. Some of the big surprises included the decommitments by David Kenney(Iowa to Indiana), Dan Samuelson(Nebraska to Michigan), Darius Latham(Wisconsin to Indiana) and Elijah Daniel(Clemson to Ole Miss). Throw in Arenal Tech’s big DL William Lee’s change of heart with switch from Ball State to Northern Illinois, there is a reason why college coaches are scrambling to lock up commitments in late January. Here are some of the latest commitments made by Indiana’s top prospects.

Elijah Daniel | Avon | Ole Miss
Dan Samuelson | Plymouth | Michigan
Anthony Warrum | Heritage Christian – Illinois State
Nate Wozniak | Center Grove – Minnesota
Deshai Powell | Warren Central – Eastern Michigan
Dwayne Brown | Warren Central – Eastern Michigan
Ty Smith | Bloomington North – Indiana (w/o)
Sampson Levingston | Cathedral – Indiana State
Jon Marc Anderson | Castle – Illinois State
Jack Seymour | Park Tudor – Penn State (w/o)

nate wozniak