Center Grove 2016 defensive lineman Jovan Swann is in no hurry to make a commitment to one of the 15 division one football offers he has received. Despite the array of offers and 15 seconds of fame due to his picture posing with football Pro Laron Landry, Swann is committed to his current team the Center Grove Trojans. This is why he’ll likely make his commitment after his senior season.

Although, we do not expect an announcement soon, Swann has named two leaders in Iowa and Michigan State. Swann holds an impressive list of offers but these two B1G schools separate themselves from the pack according to Swann. “Tradition and success of players on and off the field is what separates those 2 schools from the rest” said Swann.

This INPrep star will likely receive a dozen more offers in the coming months. It will be interesting to see if Iowa or Michigan State can stay at the top of his list.