(photo credit:HeraldTimes)
2015 QB Ramone Atkins of Gary-West Side is often overshadowed by the success of his 2 wide-receivers in Lonnie Johnson a Ohio State commit and JonVea Johnson who also division one offers. Quiet as kept, he is having a phenomenal season and on Friday he put up very impressive numbers. Going into the offseason Ramon Atkins will likely join his duo of receivers with a few division one offers.

INPreps Week 8 Players of the Week
QB Ramone Atkins
Gary West Side
19-20 401 yards 7 touchdowns
4 rushes 55 yards rushing 1 touchdown
In win vs Gary Lew Wallace, 82-20

RB Christian Perry
40 rushes
443 yards
3 touchdowns
In win vs Bloomington North, 70-41